Wedding Insurance


Why Wedding Insurance is Important:

The financial investment a couple puts into hosting a wedding can take many years of saving for the big day. Our Wedding Plus product is designed to bring you peace of mind in knowing that when something goes wrong you do not have to worry. Our product protects you when the circumstances beyond your control take place. Please see below.

  • A drunk guest got into a car accident leaving the reception. (liquor liability)
  • Undercooked food that was served at dinner caused the guests to get food poisoning. (general liability)
  • Bridesmaid left a candle burning in the dressing room and the facility caught fire.
  • The reception event site went out of business. (cancellation)
  • The father of the bride had a heart attack. (cancellation)
  • The groom lost his job and the couple could no longer afford the wedding. (cancellation)
  • Wedding venue originally expected to open in time for the wedding but construction completion date was pushed back and the wedding had to be rescheduled. (cancellation)
  • The bride’s father suffered a serious leg injury hiking and the ceremony was postponed. (cancellation)
  • Wedding had to be cancelled because the groom was called for military leave. (cancellation)
  • Bridal shop filed bankruptcy before delivering dresses. (lost deposits)
  • Hair stylist and make-up artists did not show up on the wedding day and the deposit was already paid in full. (lost deposits)
  • Wedding guest injured their leg dancing on a slippery floor. (general liability)
  • Carpet was damaged during the set-up of the facility on the wedding day. (general liability)
  • A wedding guest fell into an antique table breaking the table legs. (general liability)
  • A wedding guest spilled red wine on the bride’s wedding dress. (general liability)  

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