Personal Insurance Coverage Exposure Recommendations

Your personal insurance needs may change over time. Please take a moment to review our recommendations listed below.


  1. Review the dwelling and personal property limits on your Homeowner’s Policy to insure that they keep pace with inflationary increases.
  2. Your Homeowner’s Policy specifically excludes Flood & Earthquake.  These coverages are available no matter where you live.
  3. You can purchase Flood coverage for your home and for your personal property.  We recommend that you purchase both coverages.  If you already have a Flood Insurance Policy, please speak to us about possibly increasing your coverage limits. 
  4. Coverage for some types of personal property is very limited.  Personal property such as jewelry, furs, china, silverware, antiques, fine arts, guns, money, bullion, manuscripts, etc., should be scheduled separately.  Please call us to add these items to your policy.
  5. Your Homeowner’s Policy may have limited coverage for items of personal property in off-site storage, including self-storage.  Please call us to determine if you need additional coverage.
  6. Your Homeowner’s Policy may contain a “Windstorm” or “Hurricane” deductible that is a percentage of your total building coverage amount (e.g., a 2% deductible on a policy with 00,000 building coverage is 0,000).  Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a “Windstorm Deductible Buyback Policy” that may reduce this exposure.
  7. Secondary residences or rental income properties are not automatically covered under your Homeowner’s Policy.  Call us to discuss coverage for these properties.
  8. Recreational vehicles are not automatically included on other personal policies. Call us to discuss coverage for campers, jet skis, mopeds, snowmobiles, etc…
  9. The Personal Liability and Medical Payments section of your Homeowner’s Policy specifically excludes or limits business pursuits (anything generating revenue).  Coverage is available through our Commercial Insurance Department.
  10. The Personal Liability and Medical Payments sections of your Homeowner’s Policy specifically exclude coverage from claims related to aircraft, recreational vehicles and some watercraft inboard/outboard motor(s) in excess of 50 horsepower, outboard motor(s), single or in combination, in excess of 25 total horsepower, and sailing vessels 26 feet or more in length.  Coverage is available.  Advise our office if you own any of these items.
  11. Part-time, domestic employees (not engaged in your business) are automatically covered for Workers Compensation under your Homeowner’s Policy in New Jersey.  Please advise if you have full-time employees (40 hours or more a week).  The policy must be amended to include this coverage.  Policies covering secondary homes and rental properties do not have Workers Compensation
  12. Do you hire anyone to help maintain or service your secondary or rental properties?  Policies covering such locations do not include Workers Compensation coverage.  Please contact us to determine if you need to obtain this coverage.
  13. Coverage for sound receiving equipment, telephones, or other transmitting devices designed for use with your auto is excluded from your policy.  Coverage is available by request.
  14. Your leased vehicle may require additional coverage other than collision and comprehension to protect against total loss in case the value of the vehicle is less than the amount you are still liable for under the lease.  “Gap” Coverage is usually available through your leasing company.
  15. Consider increasing the liability limits on your Automobile Policy for the following coverages:  Bodily Injury and Property Damage, Uninsured Motorists and Additional Personal Injury Protection “PIP” (Income Continuation Provision & Death Benefit).  Additional PIP covers the named insured and a spouse.  Additional drivers in the household can be added at your request.
  16. Review and update your Life, Health and Disability income needs.
  17. We recommend purchasing an Umbrella Liability Policy.  This coverage would provide a minimum ,000,000 layer of PersonaI Liability over your primary polices.  This policy is extremely important to guard against the large and catastrophic liability loss becoming more prevalent in today's legal climate.  Please call us to obtain this vital coverage.


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