Personal Insurance

Protect your belongings and your livelihood with E & K Insurance Group

Automotive: Cars, motorcycles, RV’s… If it has wheels and its yours, we’ll make sure its covered.

Homeowners: Its not just for fire coverage. We’ll help you protect your greatest asset from a variety of losses as well as protect you from many lawsuits. We can even protect you from identity theft!

Coastal Homeowners: If your insurance has been canceled because your home is close to water, we’ll get your coverage back on track.

Boats & Marine Toys: They may get wet, but we’ll keep your coverage high & dry.

Jewelry, Fine Arts and Collectibles: Basic homeowner policies provide limited coverage for high value property. E&K can secure the extra protection your valuables need.

Life, Health and Long Term Care: We can help you secure the means to care for you and your family during life’s great challenges.

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