It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt...

Posted by Alex Boyer on Thu, Feb 25, 2016

Are you COVERED for the HOVER?


Hoverboards are the latest craze this year, but what happens when something happens?
By policy definition, hoverboards are considered motor vehicles on nearly all homeowner policies and excluded for personal liability.

Here are a few claim scenarios we thought of... 
  1. Boy (or girl) Wonder is riding their hoverboard down the road and suddenly darts out in traffic, causing a car to swerve and hit a pole, or, heaven forbid, a pedestrian. No liability coverage on the homeowner policy.
  2. Girl (or boy) Wonder is riding their hoverboard in the park.  They fall off into passing jogger or bicyclist, causing them injuries.  No liability coverage on the homeowner policy.
  3. Your child leaves his or her hoverboard in your neighbor's garage.  Sometime during the night it catches fire (we've all seen the You Tube videos!) The neighbor's car and garage are severely damaged.  No liability coverage.

We cannot always fix and insure every situation.

But, as your professional insurance agent we need to bring to light areas where you may be at risk.
Thank you for allowing E & K Agency the opportunity to service your insurance needs.

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