Hurricane Prep for Our Business Clients

Posted by Kenneth Auerbach on Fri, Oct 26, 2012

■ Consider installing impact-resistant film on your windows.

■ Gather a list of vendors and telephone numbers of individuals or entities that are critical to your daily operations. If you rely heavily on one or two vendors, consider adding a backup vendor outside of your area.

■ Prepare a list of companies that can assist you in recovery efforts, such as removing debris, moving and computer services.

■ Provide employees with a chain of command and list of responsibilities in the event that a disaster strikes.

■ Prepare a list of your employees and their contact information. Also find out where they may vacate to, if you are required to evacuate the city.

■ Arrange for communication with your clients and customers, in the event of a disaster, to keep them informed.

■ Designate a remote phone number on your voicemail system for which you can record messages to employees in the event of an emergency.

■ Arrange for programmable call forwarding of your business lines with the phone company. Then you can call and reprogram your phones from a remote location, if needed.

■ Install emergency backup lights that turn on when the power goes out.

■ Back up your data on a frequent basis and keep this information off-site.

■ Power down all computer equipment.

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